Motorcycle Battery Cable with Eyelets 80cm + BMW Cigarette Lighter Socket

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Product Code for Dealer: 710-FS612V

The FS612V accessory is a 12V Hella / DIN.4165 socket (BMW type), which can be used to connect a battery charger or to power small electronic devices (max 1 Amp). The socket can be fixed by means of a special ring nut on the dashboard, on a side, on the license plate holder or in any interior compartment of the vehicle. Installation is simple and without the possibility of error (polarity inversion, etc.): you will have to unhook the socket from the wiring, unscrew the fixing nut and insert it in an 18 mm hole. Then, fix the socket with the nut and restore the connection with the battery connection cable.
The wiring is made with high quality materials specific for use in the Automotive industry (resistance to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, thermal / mechanical stress).
The high temperature sheath, the connectors suitable for use in harsh conditions and the watertight protection cap are a guarantee of quality and durability of the battery connection system.
The eyelets are sized to adapt to the standards of all batteries on the market (installed on motorcycles, motorcycles and light vehicles). In the same way, however, the eyelets can be used for permanent installation on medium / high capacity batteries (> 40 Ah), by inserting the eyelet in the clamping screw of the terminals that reach the battery.
For the use of the wiring on cars, it is recommended to fix the connector to the vehicle with a clamp.
A protection fuse is installed on the wiring to avoid any problems in the event of a short circuit.