USB cable for multiple and simultaneous charging of up to 4 electronic devices (up to 4.2Amp)

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Product Code for Dealer: 709-KADUSB

Thanks to this accessory it is no longer necessary to carry all the chargers of your devices with you: with a single instrument you can connect different types of devices. The cable supports a maximum current of 4.2A 5V, so it allows you to charge IPAD, Iphone, at the same time

A: USB; B: Lightning; C: Mini USB, D: Micro USB, E: Dock (see attached photos)

This multiple USB adapter is equipped with different connections (Lightning, Mini USB, Micro USB and Dock) and allows you to charge most electronic devices such as Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, satellite navigators, etc.

These electronic devices are equipped with a charging cable that usually connects to a power outlet and, depending on the brand and model of the device, the connection can be different (for example, Samsung smartphones may have a Mini USB connection or Micro USB, Lightning or Dock attack Apple devices)

Thanks to the universal 709-KADUSB cable, there is no longer a need to have all these chargers with you: in fact, with just one accessory you can connect a large number of different devices.

The 709-KADUSB cable is universal and can be used both in a car / motorcycle, via a USB socket or using a cigarette lighter adapter, or with a normal USB charger (see images)

Household charger with normal 220V socket

USB socket already installed as standard on modern cars.

The cable supports a maximum current of 4.2A 5V, so it allows you to charge IPAD, Iphone, simultaneously

Using it in a car or motorbike is very simple: just connect it to a USB socket or a cigarette lighter adapter to be able to immediately recharge any electronic device.

The cable is compatible with all our BC Battery USB adapters and sockets (USB adapter for 12V 710-USB socket, 12V 710-USB2 double USB cigarette lighter adapter, Double USB socket + Battery Voltmeter for BMW 710-USBDIN-VM socket, Double socket USB for Motorcycle Handlebar SMARTUSBDUAL, Double USB Socket for BMW USBDIN Socket, 12V Socket for Motorcycle Handlebar + P12USB USB Socket, 12V Socket for Motorcycle Handlebar + Double USB Socket P12USBDUAL)

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