Battery charger BC, and stabilizer Professional X-PRO 24V 20AMP

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Charger and stabilizer with Professional Showroom Mode strong> 24 V 20A - BC X-20 PRO strong> H3>

The new series of professional products BC X-PRO is the result of an important and challenging research and development to achieve a perfect product for professional use and to meet the needs of all our customers. P >

BC X-PRO 20 is a professional charger strong> that combines the best of our charging and maintenance technology to a series of additional functions, such as voltage stabilizer strong> and showroom mode strong>, all meticulously designed to make the experience comfortable and efficient everyday use for the professional. p>

This product has a maximum current of 20 Amps strong>, and combines the performance of absolute excellence in terms of efficiency and safety to a compact design, light and thin: at just 10 cm in height and 3.5 kg of strong> weight, this product is really practical for use in the workshop or in the showroom, where you can safely place under the vehicle strong> to keep it always load. < / p>

On the LCD display with high contrast strong> is possible to read all the main parameters (user, selected type of battery, the maximum charging current mode, real-time values ​​of the state of charge, the voltage , included energy (Ah) and the usage time) and information on the selected mode (charger, stabilizer or showroom), while using the 3 buttons you can select the different programs and set all the parameters. p>

The Dinse type connectors ensure a secure and stable connection of wiring, while the convenience of use is guaranteed both by the fixing system to the wall that the handle for transporting the device. P>

MODE strong> À CHARGER strong> p>

The products of X-PRO range are able to recover batteries from 1.25V (the lowest on the market), loading them and keeping them fully charged so fully automatically. P>

You can select the maximum charging current strong> 1 Amp to 20 Amp, as well as the type of battery to be recharged (Traditional, AGM, Start & amp; stop, Football / Soccer, Lithium) from both starter that by traction, by means of the keys to the side of the display. p>

Once you have set all the parameters, the charging algorithm performs independently the 11 stages of the charging cycle strong> (10 in the case of lithium batteries, because it does not require a desulphation): p >

  • Initial Battery check: Check that the battery is in optimal condition to be recharged / recovered by ensuring that there are no short circuits between one or more battery cells. Li>
  • Recovery (by 1.25V) if the battery is in a discharged extreme condition (as low as 1.25V), the test device to perform a recovery in order to bring it to a higher voltage, compatible with the next step . li>
  • Battery check li>
  • Load light: if the battery is very low, the device provides a light pulse current, to allow the battery to overcome the critical phase. Li>
  • Battery check li>
  • Bulk charge: During this phase, the battery can recover up to 85-90% of its capacity, thanks to the charger ability to deliver full current. Li>
  • Battery check li>
  • Desulphation: in this phase in order to recover the remaining 10-15% of the battery capacity of the device provides a "controlled overcharge" through the desulfation / recovery the lead-acid cells (for low or medium sulfation). a thorough high Desulphation performance of worn out batteries is also possible (function disabled by the user) li>
  • Battery Control: at the end of cycle loads the device stops for a few tens of minutes the power supply and verifies that the battery is able to retain the charge received during the previous cycles.
    This step is repeated periodically at regular intervals. li>
  • Maintenance: thanks to a specially designed electronic circuit, the device keeps the battery during periods of inactivity, without overheating, overcharging and loss of water / electrolyte. Li>
  • Monthly Equalization: this step is carried out every 30 days in order to balance the battery cells, thus avoiding phenomena of electrolyte stratification. Li> Ol>

    MODE strong> À POWER / VOLTAGE: strong> p>

    BC X-PRO 20 can also be used as a power supply or voltage regulator, a fundamental function in the phases update, reprogramming, diagnosis or maintenance of the strong vehicle> (including replacing the battery). p>

    You can select the supply voltage between 12.8 V and 14.8V; maximum safety is guaranteed thanks to an automatic disconnection system and interruption of the current supply in case of sudden abnormalities to the battery (such as shorted or open-cell battery). p>

    Maximum current is guaranteed indefinitely strong>: the user can set the maximum current value from the menu, and this is then maintained automatically. P>

    The devices of the X-PRO series has been designed strictly following the OEM requirements strong> as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes: it is possible to connect the clamps directly from the hood of these cars without need to reach the battery, greatly facilitating their use. p>

    MODE strong> À SHOWROOM strong> p>

    This mode has been specifically developed to allow the use of the device in the showroom: when connected to the vehicle, BC X-PRO 20 is off automatically to the removal of the grid current strong> (passing in stand- by), then reactivated by only strong> when power is restored: all parameters in memory will be restored automatically. p>

    This system greatly facilitates the user's work, you will not have to worry about plugging and unplugging the device each day. P>

    Thanks to its compact, flat design, BC X-PRO 20 can be easily placed in any type of vehicle. P>

    strong> p>

    - Professional cables for connection to the battery resistant to high temperatures, oils and fats, with 16 mm 2 sup> and 3 m p>

    - in isolated Brass Clamps for intensive and professional use p>

    SECURITY: strong> p>

    One aspect of fundamental importance to BC Battery is security: in this range X PRO products proves excellent: p>

    -none interference with the electronics of the vehicle and compliance with European standards (60335-1, 60335-2-29, 55014-1, 55014-2, 61000-3-2, 61000-3-3, 62233 , 50581) p>

    -protection from inversion of the polarity, short circuit, overcharge, p overheating>

    - function Battery check strong>: is able to detect any short circuits of the battery cells during the charge and at the end of p> cycle

    - function Ah check strong>: You can set the maximum Ah to load p>

    - T-checking strong> feature: You can set the maximum charging time p>

    -thanks to its spark-proof system (anti-spark) and its protections against overloads, polarity inversion and short circuits BC X-PRO 20 ensures a high level of protection and guarantees the absolute compatibility with the electronic system of each car.


    TECHNICAL strong> p>

  • Input voltage: 120 Vac, 50÷60 Hz   US & Canada version
  • Charge voltage: 13.8V / 14.7V - nom. 24V li>
  • Selectable charging current: 1A min - max 20 li>
  • Battery capacity: 1.2-200 Ah li>
  • selectable power supply voltage: 12.8V min - max 14.8V li>
  • cable size: 16 mm2 li>
  • Cable length: 3 mt li>
  • Dimensions (with handle): 29 x 24 x 10 cm (29x29x10 cm) li>
  • Weight: 3.5 kg li>
  • Protections and Safety: short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharging, overheating li>
  • Batt-Check Function: detects cells / short battery during charging li>
  • Ah-Check Function: Select Ah max to load (1-999 Ah) li>
  • T-Check Function: Select the maximum charging time (1-999 hours) li> Ul>