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Do you need a cable to connect your charger BC to your motorbike's battery?

Thanks to this cable connecting the charger/maintainer to your vehicle's battery can become even easier! 

The cable with eyelets is an accessory that allows the connection of any charger and maintainer BC Battery range up to 5 Amp directly to your motorcycle battery, through the eyelets. 

Using it is very simple: simply connect the eyelets to the vehicle battery (red wire to the positive pole and black wire to the negative pole): then the wiring can always be left on board. 

When you need to use it, just unscrew the protective cap and connect the ends to the charger: in a matter of seconds you can easily connect the charger without the need to access the battery!


The accessory has a total length of 85 cm, which makes it suitable for all types of motorbike, while its heat resistant case (up to 200 ° C) makes it robust and secure. 

Waterproof in each component, the connector is suitable for use under different conditions (resistant to atmospheric agents, oils, fats), while the waterproof cap guarantees quality and durability of the connection to the battery system. 

The wiring is made with specific high-quality materials for Automotive use (resistance to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, thermal / mechanical stress) and is 100% Made in Italy

The cable is also equipped with a protection fuse, an electrical device able to protect from short circuits and overvoltage. 
The eyelets are designed to adapt to the standards of all the batteries installed on motorcycles, scooters and light vehicles, but the cable can also be used for medium / high capacity batteries (> 40 Ah), by inserting the eyelet into the clamping screw of the terminals that reach the battery. 

All BC chargers and maintainers include the cable with eyelets in the package, but you can also purchase it individually in order to equip all vehicles in your possession of a wiring for recharging the battery easily and fast (or possibly as a spare in case of loss).

This way you will not need to reinstall the cable each time you intend to use the charger in different vehicles, and the connection will become very quick and easy.