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Do you need a professional booster to start your battery even when deeply discharged?

With BC JUMPSTARTER BATTERYLESS 4500A-12V , the risk of being stuck with your vehicle is only a distant memory.

Are you a mechanic? Do you often use a booster to start several vehicles one after the other?

This booster is perfect for professional use of auto electricians, repair shops and roadside assistance: in fact it can start all 12V gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles up to 10000cc displacement and thanks to its compact size and low weight (only 4 , 4 kg!) it is ideal for professional use: you can easily carry it on board an emergency vehicle. Thanks to its 4500 A peak current, this product provides excellent performance and can jump-start your battery even when deeply discharged, so you never have to worry about running out of charge. 
The practical safety switch and the protection fuse positioned on the clamps protects against any possible damage caused by a short circuit and polarity inversion, making it much safer. 

Thanks to the technology of its supercapacitors you can even forget it discharged: in fact, it can charge in two minutes by connecting it to a 12V battery.



This cutting-edge booster contains a set of supercapacitors that quickly accumulate a large amount of energy required for jumpstarting, absorbing it directly from the vehicle battery to start.
Thanks to this latest generation technology, the device can also be used at very low temperatures (up to -40 ° C).

This new technology is bound to replace the conventional battery booster: BC JumpStarter batteryless 4500A-12V is therefore an excellent investment for the future, as supercapacitors are able to make up to 1,000,000 cycles charge / discharge. 

This cutting edge technology is also used in Formula 1 KERS systems in (Kinetic Energy Recovery System): it is used to recover the kinetic energy of the vehicle during braking and then transform it into usable energy.

This booster is solid, robust, reliable and durable over time : the shell is resistant to accidental falls and crushing (even in case of crushing under the wheel of the vehicle), the ergonomic handle allows convenient and easy transport, the high quality cables are durable and long lasting, the clamps are isolated and robust: attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of starters BC Battery has allowed us to offer a solid and durable professional product adapt for intense and continuous use. 

Using it is very simple : simply attach the clamps to the battery terminals (red clamp to the positive pole, black clamp to the negative pole).

The booster is usable up to 1 million charge cycles on gasoline vehicles, diesel and hybrid up to 10000cc. displacement,, while maintaining its performance from the first to the last start-up.
Its small size and low weight (only 4.4 kg!) make it practical to use and ideal to carry with you at all times.
Equipped with a set of high-tech super-capacitors, the booster is suitable for all vehicle types.

BC JumpStarter batteryless 4500A-12V is a powerful and reliable device with many features that make it an excellent product
- Designed for professional and intensive use and built with high quality materials
- Cable length: 120 cm a practical and easy use in the workshop (can also be left on the ground and allows easy access to the battery compartment)
- resistant and isolated clamps with safety fuse and switch
- Equipped with socket for recharge of the device

- charging time: 2 minutes with 12V battery, 5 hours with the supplied charger

- 2 years warranty

Its five intuitive LED lights allow you to monitor the level of charge of the device at any time.
All boosters / starters BC Battery are entirely manufactured in Italy and 100% Made in Italy, and represent the latest generation, safest and most advanced technology on the market.

- BC JumpStarter batteryless 4500-12V with integrated clamps
- Full and multilingual instruction manual
- Battery charger to charge the supercapacitors (charging time 5 hours)



  • Voltage: 12 V 
  • Input Voltage 120 Vac, 50÷60 Hz     US & Canada version
  • Current*: up to 4500 A 
  • Charging time 12V battery: up to 2 minutes 
  • Charging time as a battery charger: up to 5 hours 
  • Cable size: 25 mm2 
  • Cable length: 120 cm 
  • Dimensions: 275 x 145 x 330 mm 
  • Weight: 4.4 kg 
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C - +50°C / -40°F - +122°F

* The booster delivers a variable current according to the requirements of the vehicle to avoid any risk of damage to the vehicle’s electronics.