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Dealer Product Code: 709K4000

Do you need a professional booster to jumpstart your battery even from scratch?

K4000 is the most powerful and ergonomic car jumpstarter/emergency starter on the market.  K4000 has been tested for up to 6 starts on trucks and up to 80 starts on cars with zero battery!

With the BC K4000 the risk of being stranded with your vehicle remains only a distant memory.

This booster can start all 12/24V vehicles up to 16000cc petrol, diesel and hybrids and thanks to its compact size and light weight is ideal for private and professional use: you can easily store it in a car compartment or on board a rescue vehicle (it is perfect for roadside rescue thanks to its two multifunction LED torches).
With its 4000 Amps of starting power, the product ensures excellent performance and can even restart your battery from scratch, so you no longer have to worry about standing still.



Its small size (21.3 x 16.6 x 11.2 cm) and weight (only 2.1 kg) make it practical to use and ideal to take with you on any occasion.
Equipped with a state-of-the-art lithium battery, the BC K4000 can be stored for a long time without the risk of self-discharge, so it will always be ready for use when needed.
Using it is very simple: just switch on the product, select 12V or 24V with the central button, attach the clamps to the battery poles (red clamp to the positive pole, black clamp to the negative pole) and then press the "Boost" start button.



Its five intuitive LED lights, positioned above the power button, allow you to monitor your device's charge level at any time (we always recommend not letting the product's charge drop below three notches for top performance).

All BC Battery boosters/starters are of the latest generation and among the safest and most advanced on the market, in fact they are equipped with SMART CLAMPS: no risk of sparks, battery protection, undercharging protection and current return from the vehicle;

BC K4000 is a multifunctional device:

- In fact, it also integrates the function of a powerbank, so you can use it to charge any electronic device (e.g. smartphones, tablets, satnavs, etc.) thanks to the integrated 5V/3.5A USB socket and the rear 12V-16.8V , 10A max. cigar lighter socket (e.g. portable refrigerators and much more).
- The device has two LED torches: a front torch with yellow light mode and white flashing light mode always useful in case of need, and a rear torch with torch, SOS and strobe mode.
- The product has a 1-year warranty for professional use, 2 years for private use.



- Integrated Smart starter tongs
- home mains charger
- user manual


- Dimensions and weight: 213 x 166 x 112 mm - 2.1 Kg
- Input: 15V 2A
- USB Output: 5V / 3.5A
- Total charging time: 7/8 h
- Starting current* (AC): Up to 4000A 12/24V
- Operating temperature: -20°C - +60°C / -4°F - +140°F
- Battery capacity: 56000mAh

* The booster delivers a variable current as required by the vehicle to avoid any risk of damage to vehicle electronics.