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Do you have a racing motorbike? Do you need to connect your electronic devices to always have them charged and at hand?

SMARTUSBDUAL can be easily mounted on the handlebars of any motorbike (and is particularly suited for the handlebars of racing motorcycles) and thanks to its resistant adhesive, it remains firmly fixed in position.

Using it is simple: just connect the cable to the motorcycle battery and fix the accessory on the motorcycle handlebar.

With its dual USB socket (+ 2.1 amp 2.1 amp), SMARTUSBDUAL can recharge up to two devices simultaneously (i.e. Apple or Android smartphones, tablets, navigation devices and anything with a USB charger). Modern electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and satellite navigation systems equipped with a charging cable that usually connects to an electrical outlet (see example images): thanks to this universal adapter, you can simply connect the battery charger cable of your device into the USB socket to recharge it easily.

Lightning cable


USB C cable 


Micro USB Cable 

The accessory can also be applied on the dashboard or on any flat surface of any vehicle.

Furthermore, the waterproof connection cable is equipped with a connector compatible with all BC Battery chargers up to 5 Amp: connecting the charger becomes even easier and fast! 

The accessory has an overall length of 180 cm, perfect for any type of motorbike


  • SMARTUSBDUAL with double USB socket and mounting adhesive
  • Connection cable (total length 180 cm) 
  • Nylon ties for a perfect fixing of the connection cable


Safety is an absolute priority for us: thanks to the proximity between the fuse and the battery, the device ensures the protection of the motorbike from any damage caused by short-circuit.

The waterproof cap guarantees a waterproof seal, preventing any risk of infiltration of water or other agents.