Advantages of Lithium Batteries for Motorcycles

Le batterie al litio sono ultra leggere

Low Weight, Ultra-Lightness

Up to 80% lighter than traditional lead / acid batteries


Le batterie al litio sono più potenti delle batterie al piombo

More Power

High cranking power, up to 50 times the battery capacity (over triple than lead / acid batteries)


Le batterie al litio durano fino a 2000 cicli di carica e scarica

Longer Lifespan

About 2000 charge and discharge cycles, against 300/400 of traditional batteries. Service life in stock: over one year 


Le batterie al litio non inquinano

Respect for the Environment

Eco-friendly and non-polluting batteries, do not contain acids or heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury)


Le batterie al litio sono sicure al 100%
Completely Safe
Non-combustible and non-explosive, no risk of acid loss. Safe to use even for sports use

La batterie al litio si ricaricano rapidamente

Fast Charging, Slow Self-Discharge

Short charging times, withstands high currents (up to 10 times the battery capacity) and keeps chrge for longer (reduced self-discharge)