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The X-PRO range is the high-end Battery Support Unit-Charger series that combines our best 11-cycle automatic charging technology with a host of additional functions, such as power supply/voltage stabiliser for software upgrades of all car ECUs, automatic maintenance for any type of battery, showroom mode for use in car dealerships; all functions designed in detail to make the daily use experience comfortable and efficient for the professional.

The 12V/24V X-PRO 70 combines outstanding performance with a compact, lightweight and robust design, designed throughout to make the professional's user experience comfortable and efficient. BC X-PRO 70 has a maximum current of 70 Amps.

Thanks to this new product, you can set the charging voltage to 12 or 24 Volts according to your needs!



  • Charging: for 12V or 24V Lead-Acid or Lithium batteries (LFP ex. Lifepo4, Li-ion), 10 to 700 Ah;
  • Diagnosis: supports up to 70A 12/24V vehicle batteries during diagnosis (voltage selectable between 12.8V and 29.6V);
  • Showroom: provides the battery with current compensation when using the electrical accessories of a demo vehicle;
  • Tester: used to check the battery voltage, evaluate the starter system (starter + battery) and the condition of the vehicle alternator.



  • Extends the service life and performance of lead-acid (gel, AGM, liquid, calcium, etc.) and lithium batteries (LFP ex. LiFePO4, lithium ion);
  • Specific charging curve in 11 steps (lead-acid battery) or 10 steps (lithium-iron phosphate battery) without supervision;
  • Recovers deep-discharge batteries >1.25 V (automatic reset).
  • Voltage: the charger operates at a supply voltage between 100 and 265 V;
  • Fully automatic and intelligent charging curve in 10 or 11 steps (50% faster than a conventional charger), with 11 charging cycle steps (10 steps in the case of lithium batteries, as they do not require desulphurisation).



  • AC INPUT VOLTAGE, the charger operates with a supply voltage between 100 and 265V;
  • "Auto-Detect" function automatically starts a charge when a battery is connected to the charger;
  • "Auto-Restart" in case of power failure with memory of settings;
  • Fully configurable charging programme from 1 to 70 Amp for all lead acid and lithium batteries.




  • No interference with vehicle electronics and compliance with European standards (60335-1, 60335-2-29, 55014-1, 55014-2, 61000-3-2, 61000-3-3, 62233, 50581);
  • Polarity reversal;
  • Short circuit;
  • Overload;
  • Maximum charge level of 25%, 50% can be set for charging lithium batteries (as required by lithium battery storage) Other selectable levels: 75%, 100%;
  • Charger overheating (automatic limitation of charger output current in case of overheating. The internal temperature of the charger will be displayed on the LCD, the new current value provided by the machine);
  • No sparks (protection of the control unit);
  • Sudden failure of the internal battery cells (batt-check function, which can be set by the user);
  • Possibility of manually setting the end of charging (with corresponding interruption of the current supplied), which would otherwise automatically switch to a light current during maintenance;
  • Possibility of setting the maximum amount of energy to be fed into the battery (AH = ampere hour);
  • Possibility of setting the maximum duration of the charging cycle (hours and minutes).



X-PRO 70 is an extremely versatile product, perfect for those looking for a high-tech product that can solve any battery-related problem: it can recover deeply discharged batteries, equalise or initialise new batteries, and desulphate used batteries.

  • Products in the X-PRO range are capable of recovering batteries from 1.25V (the lowest level on the market), charging them and keeping them perfectly charged fully automatically;
  • Equalise or initialise new batteries;
  • Desulphate used batteries;
  • X- PRO 70 is fully user-configurable via the buttons on the side of the display, from which you can select:
  1. the maximum charging current from 1 Amp to 70 Amp;
  2. the type of battery to be recharged (Traditional, AGM, Start&Stop, Calcium/Calcium, Lithium) for both starter and traction;
  3. in the charging mode for lithium batteries, depending on whether the battery is to be installed on the vehicle or stored in the warehouse, the maximum charging percentage can be selected (25%,50%,75%,100%);
  4. the maximum charging time.

Once all parameters have been set, the charging algorithm autonomously performs the 11 steps of the charging cycle (10 in the case of lithium batteries, as they do not require desulphation):

  1. Initial battery check: checks that the battery is in optimum condition to be recharged/recovered by ensuring that there are no short circuits between one or more battery cells;
  2. Recovery (from 1.25V) if the battery is in an extreme discharged condition (from 1.25V), the device tries to perform a recovery in order to bring it to higher voltages, compatible with the next step;
  3. Battery check;
  4. Light charge: if the battery is very low, the device provides a light pulse current to allow the battery to pass the critical stage;
  5. Battery check;
  6. Main charge: during this phase the battery can recover up to 85-90% of its capacity, thanks to the charger's ability to deliver full current;
  7. Battery check;
  8. Desulphation: during this phase, in order to restore the remaining 10-15% of the battery's capacity, the device provides a 'controlled overcharge' by desulphating/recovering the lead-acid cells (for mild to medium levels of sulphation). High-performance deep desulphation can also be performed on worn batteries (user-deactivated function);
  9. Battery check: at the end of the charging cycle, the device interrupts the current supply for a few tens of minutes and checks that the battery is able to retain the charge received during the previous cycles. This phase is repeated at regular intervals;
  10. Maintenance: thanks to a specially designed electronic circuit, the device maintains the battery charge during periods of non-use, without overheating, overcharging or water/electrolyte leakage;
  11. Monthly equalisation: this phase is carried out every 30 days in order to rebalance the battery cells, thus avoiding electrolyte stratification phenomena.



BC X-PRO 70 can also be used as a power supply or voltage stabiliser, an essential function when updating, reprogramming, diagnosing or servicing the vehicle (including battery replacement).

The supply voltage can be selected between 12.8 V and 29.6 V; maximum safety is ensured thanks to an automatic disconnection and current cut-off system in the event of sudden battery anomalies (such as shorted cells or open battery).

The maximum current is guaranteed indefinitely: the user can set the maximum current value from the menu, and this is then automatically maintained.

The devices in the X-PRO series have been designed strictly according to the requirements of OEM manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes: it is possible to connect the clamps directly from the bonnet of these cars, without the need to reach the battery, making them much easier to use.



This mode has been specially developed to allow the device to be used in showrooms: when connected to the vehicle, BC X-PRO 70 automatically switches itself off when the mains power is removed (switching to stand-by), and then reactivates itself when the power is restored: all parameters in memory will be automatically reset.

This system considerably eases the user's workload, who no longer has to worry about plugging and unplugging the device every day.

Thanks to its compact and ultra-flat design, BC X-PRO 70 can be easily placed under any type of vehicle.



X-PRO is built to strict safety standards

All this performance is required by car manufacturers (e.g. Audi, Mercedes and BMW) who require total safety performance when updating electronic control unit software or simply using the product as a charge maintainer in showrooms. In this way, any risk to the vehicle or the facility in which it is located can be prevented.

German car manufacturers themselves demand two fundamental performances for software updates:

  • extremely fast reaction times by the voltage stabiliser in the presence of new loads in order to prevent software updates from being interrupted;
  • for some car models, maximum currents of up to 110-120 amps at a stabilised voltage are required.

The entire BC X-PRO range has these features and, unlike the competition (which limits the output current after a few minutes), manages to maintain the maximum current indefinitely at an extremely stable voltage.

The X-PRO range has a worldwide passport. The extended input voltage range is 100 to 240V. This feature makes it usable without any problem anywhere in the world, while its compact size and the absence of a battery inside it allow for easy transport and shipping even by air (in full compliance with IATA air transport regulations).



  • Professional battery connection cables resistant to high temperatures, oil and grease (25 mm2 cross-section and 3 mt length);

  • Insulated brass pliers for intensive and professional use.



  • Input voltage: 100÷240V ac, 50-60Hz
  • Charging voltage: 13.8V/14.7V - nom. 12V & 27.6V/29.6V - nom. 24V
  • Selectable charging current: min 1Amp - max 70Amp
  • Battery capacity: 10-700 Ah
  • Selectable power supply voltage: min 12.8V - max 29.6V
  • Cable cross-section: 25 mm2
  • Cable length: 3 mt
  • Dimensions: 37 x 22 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 4.6 Kg


  • Protections and Safety: short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharge, overheating
  • Batt-Check function: detects shorted cells/battery during charging
  • Ah-Check function: selection of max. Ah to be charged (1-999 Ah)
  • T-Check function: selection of max. charging time (1-999 hours)

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