The BC Battery products that we recommend are: 

  • BRAVO 2000 +: click if you are looking for a product that combines good speed charging, versatility (for Start&Stop batteries but also traditional) and our best battery test technology for any type of user (accessible to all thanks to the easy to read LCD display)
  • SMART 2000+:  click if you are looking for a product that combines excellent upload speed, versatile (for Start&Stop batteries, but also traditional), and provide information about the battery status via an LED bar instead of an LCD display
  • Your car has a lithium battery (lithium-ion batteries, LiFePO4) and do not intend to return to the lead-acid?Click here to see the specific charger / maintainer for lithium batteries  

    Common features:

    • 8 automatic cycles of charging and maintaining
    • Temperature compensation: integrated temperature sensor which automatically adjusts the charging curve according to the ambient temperature
    • "System connects and forget": once completed the charging cycle, the device automatically switches to the maintenance mode, safely and economically 


    • BRAVO 2000 + has an LCD display, while SMART 2000+ has a LED light bar
    • Our chargers and maintainers are consistent both vehicles to traditional nutrition (Diesel, Gasoline, Natural Gas, LPG) and with multi-fuel (hybrid vehicles, eg. petrol and electric).
    • For more information about the different types of hybrid, click here.

    invite always our customers to test the specificities of their car by consulting the instruction manuals provided by the manufacturer.

    You have more than one car? do you also have a motorbike?

    we'll want to add to order another eyelet fastening cable (see photo), so using a common screwdriver you can "get your hands dirty" once and set a connection cable for each vehicle. Fear not, all BC products are protected against short circuit and do not make any spark in the event of incorrect installation, you cannot do any harm either to the vehicle control unit, nor to your person.

    This will connect your charger BC all your car (or even your bike) will become an operation of a few seconds!

    If you want to install it on a new bike, click on cable with eyelets for motorcycles