Connector for BMW Motorcycles, 12V socket DIN4165 FP612V

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Product Code for Dealer: 710-FP612V

Do you need a connector to connect a BC Battery charger / maintainer to your BMW motorcycle?

Thanks to this accessory, connecting a BC charger to your vehicle is even easier and faster!

This accessory allows you to easily and quickly connect any BC Battery charger through the 12V DIN 4165 cigarette lighter socket (diam. 12 mm), present on BMW motorcycle models.

Practical and versatile, it allows you to connect your BC charger to your motorcycle without having to reach the battery, making the operation really simple even for less experienced users.

Using it is very simple: just connect the cable to the 12V DIN 4165 cigarette lighter socket on the motorcycle, then connect the charger to the other end.
This eliminates the need to reach the vehicle battery or install any additional wiring to the battery.

For connection to the DIN.4165 socket of BMW motorcycles, it is necessary to use a battery charger compatible with the CAN-Bus system, such as BC K900 EDGE or BC K900 EVO +.

Does your motorcycle have no cigarette lighter socket?
No problem! On our site you can buy the DIN.4165 socket


Usually the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle is used as a current output, but it can also be used as an input (input) for charging: it is sufficient to verify that the 12V socket is not under the key (i.e. that it is powered even with the key removed) and control panel off).

The battery charger + cigarette lighter adapter system is safe for the control unit and for any additional electronic equipment installed on your vehicle.
The BC battery chargers, in fact, are designed so as not to produce extra-currents in the electrical system.

This permanent protection is essential to always ensure maximum safety, especially when the power supply is inserted, that is, when the risk of this phenomenon is greater.

The adapter has a total length of 30 cm and is perfectly compatible with BMW motorcycle models equipped with a DIN.4165 cigarette lighter socket.

The accessory is made with top quality materials specific for use in the Automotive industry (resistant to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, thermal / mechanical stress) and is 100% Made in Italy.

The resistant connectors suitable for use in harsh conditions are a guarantee of quality and duration of the battery connection system: the attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of BC Battery products has allowed us to offer you a solid and durable product in time.

By purchasing a connector for BMW, to be used in combination with a BC Battery charger / maintainer, you can make the connection really quick and simple.